Welcome to the Institute for Vocational Education

The Institute for Vocational Education (ibp) at the Faculty of Humanties of the University of Rostock is devoted to vocational education and training. It was founded in January 2016. One of the central tasks of the institute is the university education of teachers in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for vocational schools in the fields of electrical engineering, information technology, agriculture, metal engineering, health and soical services.


The objective of the vocational pedagogical teaching at the institute is to develop both vocational education through theory-based, critical reflection of the socio-historical field of action, and pedagogical organizational capability through practical studies based on the particular profession. The university education provides the space for a differentiated discussion with scientific theories, models and concepts, the current practice as well as the own professional role.


Research at the institute is devoted to a variety of vocational pedagogical fields, such as a critically emancipatory vocational training theory, the professionalism of work, the professionalization of the educational staff, the greater emphasis on professional didactics, the possibilities for individual support and the study of historical vocational training. Thus, knowledge is gained on the further development of the system of vocational education and training.

Working relationship

The work at the institute is characterized by co-determination-oriented, open-ended communication on the basis of mutual trust. The demand for a critical-emancipative vocational education also characterizes the culture of cooperation on the same level within the university as well as with regional, supra-regional and international actors in vocational education and training.

Current from the Institute for Vocational Education