Ring lecture finishes with presentation about Finnish vocational education system

[Translate to English:] Prof. Dr. Vivecca Lindberg von der Universität Göteborg

On January 4th the Institute of Vocational Education had Prof. Dr. Vivecca Lindberg from University of Gothenburg in Sweden as a guest. Prof. Lindberg held a lecture about:

Vocational Education and training in Finland and Sweden – a comparison, with a complementary comment on VET in the Åland Islands.

The presentation slides are avaiable here (in german). Prof. Lindberg, who lives on the finnish Åland Islands, could refer to a lot of experiences with the Swedish as well as the Finnish vocational education system and condensed them into a historical review on both system. This was the last presentation in the ring lectures about "Systems of vocational education", which provided a insight into different dimensions and challenges of vocational education (transitional system, demographic change, examination system, occupational vocational training, ...) and which was attended by a large number of external vocational education researchers.