Professor of the University of Rostock advises EU Commission on VET research

Opening of the international conference on vocational education and training in August 2017 (Photo: Julia Tetzke/Uni Rostock)

On November 21st, Professor Franz Kaiser from the Institute for Vocational Education of the University of Rostock will travel to Brussels at the invitation of the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Qualification Marianne Thyssen to the European Vocational Skills Week. On behalf of the Commission, he will advise selected vocational education and training researchers from the member states on the future agenda of European VET research. His expertise, which based on his experience in the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), lies in the management of VET. "At all levels of VET, we face the challenge of having to change in order to maintain the attractiveness of VET. All the more valuable is the international cooperation." emphasizes Professor Kaiser.

The connection of vocational research from Rostock and the european VET network was last used at the international conference on vocational education and training, which Professor Kaiser and his colleague Susann Krugmann organized in Rostock in August 2017. More than 100 researchers from all over the world, which are part of the "International Research Network Vocational Education and Training (IRNVET)", came to Rostock for the conference with the core theme "Participation and Social Dimension of Vocational Training", in order to discuss the advices for the meeting in Brussels.