Joint Conference of Research Groups in Valencia and Rostock on International Vocational Education and Training Research Enjoys High Public Visibility in Spain 

Prof. Dr. Franz Kaiser mit Prof. Dr. Fernando Marhuenda (Veranstalter)
Keynote Prof. Dr. Mathias Götzl
Dr. Philipp Struck
Dr. Claudia Kalisch
Susann Krugmann
Sandra Fahle

From 02 to 03 May 2018 the third international conference "Crossing Boundaries in Vocational Education and Training" after Bremen and Rostock took place in Valencia (Spain). The thematic focus of the conference was "Pedagogical concerns and market demands".  

The VET conference attracted more than 100 interested guests to Valencia (Spain). Besides European scientists, conference guests from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Malaysia, India, South Africa and the USA participated. The conference was opened by greetings from the EU (Mantas Sekmokas & Gillian Ford). In 62 lectures, researchers from the various VET sectors and related disciplines gave presentations on topics such as teacher training and transition research, mobility and education systems. 

The Institute for Vocational Education was present with four lectures (Sandra Fahle, Prof. Dr. Franz Kaiser, Dr. Claudia Kalisch & Susann Krugmann, Dr. Philipp Struck) and a keynote by Jun. Prof. Dr. Mathias Götzl

The Spanish channel Á Punt reported on the conference. In this video you can see Jun. Prof. Dr. Mathias Götzl with his keynote. (approx. from minute 17:50)

The conference was organized by the Research Group Transitions from education to work in contexts of social vulnerability (University of Valencia) in cooperation with the Institute for Occupational Pedagogy of the University of Rostock (ibp).  

The proceedings of the conference are available online for download and can be purchased as a book via


Finally, it should be mentioned that the next "Crossing Boundaries" conference will be held in Switzerland from 8 to 9 April 2021.