Engaging Enterprises in Schools as a Contribution to Improving Transitions - an Insight into Activities in the United Kingdom

Dr. Philipp Struck, Dr. Andrea Laczik and Prof. Dr. Kaiser above the roofs of Oxford
Prof. Dr. Franz Kaiser, Dr. Philipp Struck and Prof. Dr. Thomas Deißinger in front of the House of Lords in London
The presentation can be downloaded here

On 5th and 6th of July, the 5th International Conference on Employer Engagement in Education and Training took place close to the Parliament building on the Thames. Funded by the UK Department of Commerce as well as a large number of private foundations and initiatives, the conference aimed at strengthening companies' commitment to youth development opportunities in the transition from school to work. Participants included political stakeholders and foundations, corporate managements, academics, school administrators, teachers and the media.

Prof. Dr. Franz Kaiser and Dr. Philipp Struck from the Institut for vocational education were involved at the conference with a report from Germany, which focused on the problem of the rising education aspiration of young people with German Realschulabschluss (after 10th grade) (see presentation below). Among those present the German situation was met with great interest, as from a British perspective the German system is considered as the system of vocational education from which can learned.

The day before the conference Prof. Kaiser and Dr. Struck were also invited by Dr. med. Andrea Lazcik to discuss the special situation of vocational education in England during a visit to the University of Oxford, where they also could take a look at the college system of one of the most famous universities in the world.

This presentation can be downloaded here.

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